Main areas of activity

  • The largest International educational school project on climate, energy and environment.

  • RSEU Climate Secretariat

    Raising pubic awareness on climate and energy policy, promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

  • Baltic Sea Ambassadors

    Russian-Finnish-Estonian volunteer project. "Baltic Sea lessons" at schools, educational summer camps

  • Ecocentrum

    Information center and an exhibition of sustainable solutions for climate and energy, the Baltic Sea environment, etc.

  • River Watch

    Public monitoring of rivers and Gulf of Finland. Promotion of sustainable river basin management

  • Actions and campaigns

    Informing people about sustainable solutions for the Baltic Sea region. Bicycle campaigns

Конференция РСоЭС 2013
Велокампания "За Балтийское море!" (Лето 2013)
Фестиваль Реки (18 мая 2013)
Годовое собрание Друзей Балтики (15.02.2013)
Встреча с партнерами из Мальме в Ломоносове (24.10.12)
Конференция РСоЭС - климат, энергия, ШПИРЭ (24.10.12)

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