International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day" will be held in St. Petersburg 21-23 March 2012

photo by: helcom.ruphoto by: helcom.ruXIII International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day" will be held in St. Petersburg 21-23 March 2012. Among the main topics of the forum this year – experience exchange among countries of the region concerning the implementation of the National Action Plans on the Baltic Sea and the discussion of the results of activities introducing the concept of sustainable development in the region.

Traditionally, the activities of the "Baltic Sea Day" will be attended by the representatives of academic and political circles, public authorities and public organizations of all HELCOM countries, as well as other European countries. Opportunity for informal dialogue on the forum promotes searching for and coordination of joint decisions and ways of development.

March 21, on the round table "Scientific support for sustainable development in the region" the environmental problems of the Baltic Sea related to the development of maritime transport and agriculture will be discussed as well as co-operation between the countries in the region and public in order to address these issues.

One of the key issues of the round table will also be a two-hour presentation by the "Nord Stream" representatives about the results of the “Nord Stream” activities and the progress that was achieved.

The program of the Gulf of Finland Year – 2014 will be discussed during the "Baltic Sea Day" Forum, as the initiative that supports long-term Russian-Finnish-Estonian co-operation and partnership.

One of the priorities of the "Baltic Sea Day" Forum will also be a discussion of the projects in agriculture, energy, maritime transport and tourism in the framework of achieving the objectives of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan.

Another environmental forum "Ecology in the Big City" will be taking place in Lenexpo 20-23 March, 2012. This is the major event, providing a space for a dialog between business representatives, scientists and public authorities of the different regions of Russia in order to solve national problems in the field of environmental protection.

photo by: spb.rgo.ruphoto by: spb.rgo.ruWithin the framework of the "Baltic Sea Day" Forum Russian Geographical Society (RGO) will be holding a conference dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the RGO Commission for Nature protection. On this conference the CCB exhibition “Living Baltic Sea” will be presented by “Friends of the Baltic” NGO. The exhibition is about problems and solutions for saving the Baltic Sea ecosystem. Another exhibition presented by “Friends of the Baltic” will be about energy saving solutions to reduce the impact on climate.

During the conference the experience and perspectives for the development of environmental activities in St. Petersburg and other Russian regions will be broadly discussed, including international co-operation in the field of sustainable development, as well as activities and tasks of the modern civil society and non-governmental organizations.

For participation in the RGO conference please contact the organizing commitee by phone +7 921 4313568 and +7 911 2273944 or e-mail -,

For participation in the "Baltic Sea Day” Forum, please contact "Ecology and Business" NGO by phone +7 812 4311167 or e-mail

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