Environmental issues of Luga region

The condition of towns and villages’ wastewater treatment plants is a challenge for both present and future generations. In the autumn of 2018, the locals of Luga region found a breach in wastewater treatment plant: waste waters flowed out towards the Luga River. In several months we decided to check that out. On 25 December, Friends of the Baltic met the locals and discussed the topical issues. Activists of Public Advisory Council of the River Luga visited sewages and found the breach; however, waste waters did not leak out. It seemed like the treatment plant was out of steam.

Sewage treatment plants with a capacity of 14,700 m3 / day were built in 1973. As they collect approximately 90% of all Luga’s waste waters, they’re crucial for the city’s infrastructure and have to be repaired. According to the 2017 report of Luga district administration, the state examination of those plants and further maintenance work were planned for 2018.

Spring water quality measurements continue. Also Friends of the Baltic visited Pecherskiy holy spring near Turovo village. It is famous among Orthodox Christians since XVI – XVII centuries and its water is believed to be healing. We conducted water analysis using rapid test for nitrate content measurement and took samples to the laboratory. Good news: the water was clean. We hope to recheck its quality in the summer.

Villages in midst of manure. Residents of Moshkovyye polyany (95 people) and Khrepelka (26 people) villages fear of living among manure fields. Locals worry about IDAVANG Luga’s construction of livestock unit for the maintenance of 3.5 thousand sows. The facility is being built approximately 1 km away from both villages.

As livestock waste from the existing facilities is not treated properly, the manure rises appear from time to time. Thus, the activist doubt that new livestock unit is going to make it in a different way. Could groundwater pollution and stench be avoided?

We took samples of Chernaya River and canals and handed them over to the laboratory. Friends of the Baltic are looking forward to learn the results.

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