"Barefoot on the beach" - environmental event on the Gulf of Finland shore

An environmental action "Barefoot on the beach" was held on June 13, on the beach of the Gulf of Finland in the village of Bolshaya Izhora. The staff of "The Regional center of culture and youth initiatives", the employees of youth labor brigades, volunteers of the VOLUNTEER-LR movement were both cleaned coastal areas, and learned to carry out monitoring of marine litter by international methodology under the guidance of the Ecocentrum and Friends of the Baltic experts.

Thanks to Natalia Ismailova for the photos.

Despite the fact that the beach was quite clean,a large amount of plastic was found. Therefore, in addition to cleaning and monitoring, Elizaveta Merinova gave a lecture about the structure, origin and dissemination of marine litter and about microplastics and what are the consequences of microplastics pollution of water bodies. After the lecture, the participants thought about reducing their plastic footprint and ways to minimize waste at different levels.

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