Moving ecologycal conference of the inhabitants of shores of a gulf of Finland sustainable, balance development of region in 21 century

Passed from June 30 till July 10, 1999
from Sosnovy Bor town on the coast of
the Koporskaya bay of a GULF of FINLAND
up to capital of Finland of Helsinki

Bycicle-acion Organizers Finance Purpose Route Participants Contact


  • CHILDREN of the Baltic, children's public ecological organization, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • GREEN WORLD, public charitable ecological organization, Sosnovy Bor - St.-Petersburg, Russia

With participation:

  • DODO - youth ecological organization, Helsinki, Finland; THE FRIENDS of GROUND of Finland (FRIENDS OF THE EARTH FINLAND),
  • FRIENDS OF THE EARTH FINLAND), Helsinki, Finland;
  • GREEN LINE, Interregional Information Ecological Centre Karelian isthmus, Vyborg, Len. Region, Russia;
  • SOCIETY (COMMUNITY) of GUARDS of a NATURE of Finland, Helsinki, Finland;
  • TEIA (Transboundary Ecological Information Agency), St.-Petersburg, Russia;
  • Information agency Sustainable DEVELOPMENT, St.-Petersburg, Russia;
  • CENTRE of CHILDREN'S And YOUTHFUL TOURISM, Lomonosov town, Russia

FINANCIAL SUPPORT of the project



[list][*] Propagation sustainable, balanced development of coast of a gulf of Finland in 21 century;
[*] Informing of the inhabitants of coast of a gulf of Finland about possible renew Sources of energy and about the new projects NPP on coast of Baltic; about the projects of new ports And about the status of especially protected territories on coast of a Finnish Gulf;
[*] Formation at the inhabitants of coast of a Finnish gulf requirement in personal active Actions on preservation of environment and maintenance sustainable, The balanced development of this territory in 21 century;
[*] Propagation of a bicycle as to a healthy and friendly nature of a type of transport, Creations of conditions for its development[/list]

ROUTE of a MOVEMENT on bicycles

Extent of 600 kms, the dates of arrival are specified

  • 1.06.99 Sosnovy Bor (LNPP and builded АЭС with reactor VVER-640); Battareynaya Bay (Ptichye Lake and planned port in Lebiaje zakaznick);
  • Lomonosov, planned bitumen terminal on the territory of a museum-reserve XXVIII centuries;
  • 2.06.99 Kronstadt, Leningrad dam;

  • 3.06.99 Zelenogorsk, camp of rest of children; camp of rest of children;
  • 4.06.99 Велогруппа на подходе к г. Приморску Primorsk - zakaznick Beriozovye Islands andОбсуждение проблем нефтяного терминала с Мэром г. Приморскаthe place of Constructions of a petroleum port and BTS (Baltic pipeconduction system);

  • 5.06.99 Vyborg, camp of the children's rest, Прогулка по узким улицам Старого Выборга press-conference (06.06.99);
  • 6.06.99 Torfianovka, Каждый вечер - отчет за прошедший день russian-finland frontier;
  • 7.06.99 Движущаяся конференция и журналисты в Котке Kotka, monument of a nature Еще один фиорд Северного берега пересекает экспедиция;

  • 8.06.99 Loviisa Птичий госпиталь под Ловиисой - на ветках маленькие совы NPP with two reactors VVER-440 types and, assumed, Place of construction the fifth Finnish NPP reactorНа АЭС Ловииса экологическая велогруппа попасть не смогла;

  • 9.06.99 Встреча с лидером экологического актива г. Порвоо Porvoo, Finnish bulk-oil portЦентральный пост нефтяного терминала Нестэ;

  • 10.06.99 На АЭС Ловииса экологическая велогруппа попасть не смогла Helsinki, press conferenceЗаключительная встреча с журналистами (12.06.99)



1. Oleg Bodrov, Physicist,ecolog, chairman of council of the GREEN WORLD, Sosnovy Bor;
2. Elisabeth Bodrova, schoolgirl, member of organization CHILDREN of the Baltic, Sosnovy Bor.
3. Sergey Bykov, photoartist, designer, member of the GREEN WORLD, St.-Petersburgг;
4. Andrey Voronin, student - Physicist, member of the GREEN WORLD, St.-Petersburg;
5. Valeri Pliutinsky, member of organization CHILDREN of the Baltic, Lomonosov;
6. Oga Senova, teacher of ecology, Chairman of nongovernment ecology children's Organization CHILDREN of the Baltic, Lomonosov;
7. Alexandr Fiodorov, Physicist, Dr.-Eng. of Ph.-Math.Sc., co - editor russian-Finnish ecological newspapers the MOST - SILTA, member of council of the GREEN WORLD, St. Petersburg;
8. Gennady Shabarin, director of informagency Sustainable DEVELOPMENT, St.-Petersburg;
9. Alexandr Shkrebets, Physicist, co-director of TEIA, St.-Petersburg;
10. Vladislav Tsheredin, member of organization CHILDREN of the Baltic, Lomonosov;
11. On a way of a movement group of cyclists - participants of a Moving Conference Replenished at the expense of an active worker - ecology of Primorsk, Vyborg, Kotka, Helsinki both Other cities on coast of a Gulf of Finland



Oleg Bodrov

Sosnovy Bor town
Tel. (81269) 49481

Konstantin Sholmov

Vyborg town
Tel.(81278) 33300

Olga Senova

Children of the Baltic
Lomonosov town
Tel.(812) 4223278

Hanna Matinpuro
Finnish Society for
Nature Conservation
Tel. +358 9 2280 8225

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