Bike Action 2000

This was the slogan of the Youth Bike Action organised by Children of the Baltic with support of Global Greengrants fund (USA) and the Moving Environmental Conference "Baltic-2000" organised by Green World with support of the Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain with The participants of these actions - environmental activists, teachers of environment and students from St.Petersburg, Sosnovy Bor and Lomonosov - started from Sosnovy Bor on 9 July and covered in 10 days the distance over 540 kilometres to the Estonian capital Tallinn. The aims of the action were showing resources of the renewable energy and energy saving; Local Agenda 21 for grown-up and young people in the Finnish Gulf region, promoting the ideas of sustainable development among inhabitants of the Baltic shores.


Last year GW and CB organised a similar action from Sosnovy Bor via Lomonosov, Primorsk, Vyborg, Kotka, Porvoo, and Loviisa to Helsinki. That event resulted in creation of a co-operation network between environmental organisations of these towns. The movement of Habitat Values as the Basis for Sustainable Development grew wider. Children of the Baltic and Green World published a book about Habitat values of the Russian part of the south shore of the Finnish Gulf and invite partners on the Russian, Estonian and Finnish shores of the Gulf to continue this work in co-operation.


This year the Moving Environmental Conference went along the Russian and Estonian coast the Finnish Gulf from Sosnovy Bor via Ust-Luga, Kingisepp, Ivan-Gorod, Narva, Sillamae, Ontika, Purtse, Kunda, Toolse, Palmse, Maardu to Talllinn.


In Sosnovy Bor and Kingisepp the action participants jointly with NGO "St.Petersburg Supporters of Greenpeace" hold demonstrations in support of All-Russia referendum for forbidding import of nuclear wastes to Russia and for restoration of the State Committee for Environment and other bodies responsible for nature protection that were eliminated in Russia in May this year.


Meetings with teachers and leaders of the youth environmental group during the bike action were the continuation of the Children of the Baltic project for developing environmental network around the Finnish Gulf, started in 1998. In Krakolskaya school (Ust-Luga), "Center of Young Naturalists" in Kingisepp, in Narva and Sillamae the action participants met teachers, youth NGO leaders and local school-children, discussed joint youth actions on the shores of the Finnish Gulf.


In Narva, Children of the Baltic and Green World members took an active part in the international seminar "Agenda 21 for Youth".


The action participants had meetings with representatives of town administrations of Sosnovy Bor, Kingisepp, Narva, Sillamae, and Maardu and discussed with them environmental problems on the shores of the Baltic Sea.


Along the entire route of the Bike Action and Moving Conference, its participants met local environmental activists, discussed environmental problems and planned joint actions on their solution, distributed informational and methodical materials, in particular, the book "Habitat Values on he South Shore of the Finnish Gulf" prepared and published by Green World and Children of the Baltic, and a coloring book for children "A Drop and a Spark Teach Us to Save Energy", methodical book for teachers "Deep Ecology" and broshure "Safe Energy - It's Possible", prepared and published by Children of the Baltic with the support of the ISAR (Moscow) and Global Greengrants fund (USA) specially for this action.
Youth Bike Action Itinerary
Itinerary of the Youth Bike Action


The Bike Action participants also used it to learn more about most important natural, cultural and historical Values of the shore: nature reserves Kurgalskiy and Kotelskiy, ancient fortresses in Koporye, Ivan-Gorod, Narva and Toolse, national park Lahemaa, old estates Sagadi and Palmse, the largest waterfall of the Finnish Gulf shores on the river Jagala, the seaside glint and Sea Region and NGO activities in the field nature protection, environmental education and Youth Local Agenda 21. Estonian national TV and radio channels and major newspapers published the press-conference materials.


The participants of the Moving Conference express their gratitude to friends and partners that helped them during the action:

Kullike and Arvo Uusaed (Vitality of Estonia);

Peep Mardiste and Maret Merisaar (Friends of the Earth, Estonia);

Andrey Pershin (Centre for NGO Support, Lake Peipsi Project, Narva);

Marina Janssen, Mikhail Kultaev, and Vadim Kirichenko (Centre for Applied Ecology, Sillamae);

Ilya Gorokhov, Igor Malakhov, and Priit Orav (Sillamae Town Administration);

Tatyana Anisimova and Ekaterina Miheeva (Krakolye School, Ust-Luga);

Tamara Chernova (Centre of Young Naturalist, Kingisepp);

Irina Drozdenko (Clean World Foundation, Kingisepp).


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