Eco-friendly children competition "I came up with Eco!"

December 7 eco-friendly children competition "I came up with Eco!" was held in Environmental and Biological department of Youth Creativity Center " Voznesenskiy bridge". The game was organized by Sennoy Okrug Municipality with the participation of the NGO "Friends of the Baltic", which traditionally holds an educational station within the framework of this annual game.

"I came up with Eco!" - is a game that teaches how to reduce the ecologycal footprint and makes every day activities more eco-friendly. Game is preceded by the contest with the same name "I came up with Eco!", where pupils of the district schools presented various projects: handicrafts, drawings, posters, literary works on environmental themes. This year there were a lot of different crafts - original toys for the New Year tree, a hill "Winter Tale", dresses from packages, a panel of cork and much more. And literary works - fairy tales and poems on environmental theme- were especially noted by the organizers and recommended for wide dissemination.

"Friends of the Baltic" held the station "Living Water", which was dedicated to the Baltic Sea, the human impact to the sea basin and ways to overcome it. The pupils answered the questions thoughtfully and reasonably, suggested solutions of problems, talked about what everyone can do to preserve the nature of the Baltic. And they learned new things, for example, that it is important to stop using washing powders with phosphates, that one-off things should be replaced by reusable ones, and to use energy-saving light bulbs. All these actions, carried out by many people, will help to reduce the flow of pollutants into the Baltic Sea, both liquid and solid and gaseous.

At the end of the game the winners and prize-winners received the prizes from the Sennoy Okrug Municipality.

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