Peterhof Lukomorye: climate, rivers, the Baltic sea

On the 16th of June people who want to relax on the beautiful shores of the clean rivers, to breathe clean air, enjoy the wildlife gathered together in Peterhof centralized library. The seminar "My favorite Lukomorye" was held to discuss the natural values of the region, climatic challenges and the participation of citizens in the development of the city.

Petrodvortsovy district is located on 30 kilometers coastline in the South Western part of St. Petersburg where rivers Kikenka, Shingarka and Karasta. flow into the Gulf. In this area, apart from efforts to preserve valuable natural and historical places, some climate change issues are present. Among them the destruction of river banks, deterioration of water quality in the rivers, destruction of unique natural sites, lack of free access to the coast for residents , the lack of river basin approach in planning and management.

A number of experts took part at the seminar. There were representatives of the public organization "Friends of the Baltic", Saint-Petersburg State University, Museum of Lomonosov city, active residents and nature researchers.

The chairman of the public ecological organization "Friends of the Baltic", Olga Senova had a speech on how personal choice of every individual, lifestyle and patterns of consumption may reduce the negative impact on nature and climate and also positively influence the development of territory around. It is possible to make joint decisions for adaptation to climate change, so people together could elaborate a plan of coastal protection, comfortable recreation areas development with a special zoning of the coastline considering climate impacts (flooding and destruction of banks), coast protection management and establishment of free public access to those areas.

An expert of local Museum of Lomonosov city, Dmitry Kozlov spoke about the precious wood of the region. For example, there are "Peter" oaks, which are now more than 300 years, on the territory of the Martyshkino manor in Mordvynivka, Kronkolonie. Moreover, there is a later planting of 200 and 100 year old oaks. Previous inhabitants of this land tried to maintain the "lifeline" of these symbolic and valuable trees right until the twentieth century. But construction workers’ barbarous attitude to coastal facilities led to the extinction of a large number of them. Remaining woods still could be saved and reproduction could be continued also with the efforts of local residents.

Bird life was devoted to the performance of "bird-watchers" (the bird observers), who showed photos from ornithological tour and some drawings made by children.

The workshop for children was held simultaneously containing "Ecological Watch" with the participation of “Mask” theater. Marina Nadporozhskaya, associate Professor of St. Petersburg state University held an interactive environmental game "Something about the foundation of ecosystems" to signify the importance of soil in nature.

Plenty of exhibitions took place within the seminar:
One of the examples is "The results of chemical analysis of the water in our region" made according to the materials of the local history Museum (analysis of waters from number of rivers, among which Funnel, Karasta and Koporka, radon lake in Lopukhinka, the Gulf of Finland in Lomonosov and Bolshaya Izhora). The analysis was commissioned by the Museum with help of specialized environmental organization. Everywhere discovered the excess iron content which is actually a natural background condition for the local waters. However, there are places with high petroleum products concentrations, mostly alongside motorways.

An increased phenol background is also substantial, although no explanation for it was found yet. In addition, a few locations with excess of nitrogen compounds were revealed. Elevated level of nitrogen indicates organic pollution, leading to changes in the environmental status of the reservoir and deterioration of habitat conditions of living organisms including fish and birds.
"Gulf coast" – photo exhibition of local lore;
"Let's save our Baltic sea" - exhibition of publications on the environmental issues taken from local centralized library, where many publications by the "Friends of the Baltic" were presented.
"Trees-Monuments" - an exhibition of banners.

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