Information about organization

Friends of the Baltic NGO was established in 1994. More than 300 teachers, students and other residents of the Gulf of Finland coasts (Russian part) are involved to the FoB projects and programs. FoB active members work in St.Petersburg and small towns and villages on the South and North shores of the Gulf: Lomonosov, Lebyazhye, Sestroretsk, Kipen, Primorsk, Pavlovsk and others.

Children of the Baltic NGO was registered by department of Justice of St.Petersburg and Leningrad oblast 28.08.2000, reg. № 1879. It was re-named and re-registered as "Friends of the Baltic" 22.06.2005.

Scheme of organization

The main executive body is the "Friends of the Baltic" Meeting (once a year). The FoB Meeting elects the FoB Council once a two years and the FoB Council Chairperson. The FoB Council is the main executive body between the FoB Meetings. Current management of the FoB Projects is performed by Project leaders in accordance with the plans approved by the FoB Meetings and FB Council.

Friends of the Baltic is a member of Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB), which unites 29 NGOs from 9 Baltic countries. Children of the Baltic NGO is a lead party of CCB priority activity "LA21 in the focus of spatial planning". Children of the Baltic is a member of International Socio-Ecological Union.

Contact persons: Olga Senova

Olga Senova,
FoB Council chair
Тel/Fax: (812)677-72-98
Mobile: +7 921 911-79-86

Contact address of the Friends of the Baltic:
Voznesensky pr. 49, Liter A, 190068, St.Petersburg.

Friends of the Baltic (FB) mission

- Creation of effective system for popular environmental education of children and adults, for forming environmentally sound life style and promotion of the region sustainable development.
- Methodological and organization support of youth initiatives in the sphere of nature protection and sustainable development;
- Development of cooperation between teachers (methodical and experience exchange) and youth eco-groups (common actions and accompanying work) around the Gulf of Finland and in the whole Baltic region;
- Forms of activity: collection, publication and distribution of environmental information and educational materials; organizing seminars, conferences, trainings, youth environmental expeditions and camps, public actions.

Current projects and programs of FB:

- Development of the network of local grass-root organizations, teachers and young leaders, working on the learning and protection of local nature values, development of the River Watch network within the CCB activity;
- Promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy;
- Supporting local initiatives for sustainable development;
- Promotion of environmental rights and public participation; - Green consumerism.

History of organization:

First members of Children of the Baltic NGO were participants of youth expedition to the sources of Karasta river, which flows to the Gulf of Finland. They could see how clean water in the beginning of the river becomes the sewage in the mouth of the Karasta. They decided to help their river and the Baltic sea.

During the next years they were consolidated with similar groups from St.Petersburg and Leningrad oblast, South and North shores of the Gulf of Finland. NGO Friends of the Balitc became inter-regional organization.

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