Environmental festival in Lomonosov - nature and people

Ecological festival "Environmentally friendly lifestyle - common actions towards the Year of Ecology in Russia" was held on October 11 in Lomonosov. Friends of the Baltic NGO experts in cooperation with specialists of PETERHOF educational center, as well as the Library of Family Reading, held series of exhibitions, lectures and interactive information sessios and educational activities with the support of Lomonosov Administration.

The main topic of the event was ways that people can reduce the load on the Baltic Sea environment, to reduce the impact on the climate system and make our environment safe by our daily actions at home, on vacation, in our everyday lives.

The festival included the Living Baltic Sea exhibition. Nadezhda Bystrova held a lecture on the value of the Baltic region nature, and told about threats to the nature of the sea and coastal zones from oil spills incoming from ships, as well as from domestic and agricultural wastewater (nitrogen and phosphorus compounds). Ekaterina Uspenskaya and Anna Kazina, Friends of the Baltic experts, demonstrated how people can make eco-friendly choices every day, for example, when choosing detergents without phosphates or by using less packaging.

Exhibition about Energy Efficiency in Buildings was launched during the event too. Alexander Esipenok talked about how to make homes comfortable, warm, and at the same time reduce energy losses for heating and electricity, as well as energy payments. He demonstrated the Energy Efficient briefcase, which contains simple tools and materials that can be used in every home to save energy without sacrificing comfort. Efficient and economical use of energy will not increase its excessive production, burn less fuels, and reduce the emissions of pollutants, as well as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change.

Olga Senova told about the planned protected area of Forests and Parks of Oranienbaum, which can help to save precious taiga forests, as well as Karasta River Valley, which flows into the Gulf of Finland in Lomonosov. Citizens can participate in discussions and the adjustment of protected areas project before October 26th, 2017, and later in the discussion of amendments to the General Plan of development of St. Petersburg, to be approved in 2018. This fundamental document raises main issues of the city development, including spatial planning of urban natural and recreational areas.

The festival was held on two territories. First of all, lectures and exhibitions were organized in the area of Department of day care for older people in Martyshkino. Participants were involved into a discussion on energy saving at home, eco-shopping tips, eco-labeling of products. Then, in the area of Library of family reading, there were exhibitions and interactive lectures about saving the Baltic Sea, green choice of goods and services, energy efficiency in buildings. Moreover, the conference of young researchers was developed. During the Conference "Results of environmental summer" schoolchildren talked about their observations of nature, energy saving projects and projects about the re-use of resources.
The culmination of the Festival was the seminar for teachers, library specialists, NGO activists and citizens about public participation in the reduction of environmental damage, in the area of development, as well as preservation of valuable natural and recreational areas.

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