Young eco-activists research rivers and help the Baltic Sea

The 16th youth environmental conference “Eco-monitoring of rivers and the Gulf of Finland took place in Peterhof town on the South shore of the Gulf of Finland “22nd of October 2016.

The conference have gathered more than 80participants and a partners of the River Watch program of international Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB) – schoolkids, teachers, scientists, NGO activists.
In the Gulf of Finland drainage area the River Watch program is coordinated by Friends of the Baltic NGO (FOB) since 1998. FOB has developed and published the CCB manual for the public river monitoring, which helps every public eco-groups choose suitable methods and tools for investigations.

The conference organisers where Friends of the Baltic NGO and PETERHOF Youth Center with the support of Coalition Clean Baltic and Ecology-biology center “Krestovskij Island”.

Young environmentalists spoke at the conference about their investigations of water quality of rivers, lakes and Gulf, state of coastal nature, they expressed their conclusions on the sources of negative impact to water bodies and ways to improve “health” of the Gulf of Finland and its catchment area.

For example, Kalishenskoye lake, connected to the Gulf with the short Peipia creek reach of rare mussel, now is very bad condition. The another creel, feeding the lake, blocked because some industrial activities, euthrophication grows, lake overgrown, lose nature and recreation value. The urgent measures needed to stop this process.

Youth activists not only research nature, they interact with those who can influence the situation, and even do nature protection activities themselves.

Results of investigation of Kaskolovka river (Luga river inflow) in the Kingisepp district showed pollutions form industry and agriculture, more over in the spring ant autumn seasons because of floodings, These results are sent to the district state sanitary- epidemiologist body
Pupils of the Кingissepp creativity Center have established the Eco-Trail on the Kurgalskij nature reserve (Ramsar area). This evo-trails serves both for environmental education and for the eco-monitoring of unique ecosystems of Kurgalskij peninsula.

The conference showed results of investigation of water bodies and other valuable nature objects of the South shore of the Gulf of Finland, Karelian Isthmus, Neva river and its inflows.
The conference materials in Russian are here.

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