Friends of the Baltic presented Energy Efficiency exhibition at PoliFest

11 of September Friends of the Baltic organized an exhibition and information stand about energy efficiency of building within the PoliFest - St. Petersburg Festival of science, environmentally friendly technology and design.

The Festival was held in Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University. Friends of the Baltic information point, deployed at the Festival, included an exhibition on energy efficiency, interactive training and demonstration set of energy-saving equipment for buildings (Energycase).The visitors were offered a handout: a booklet "Energy efficiency - the largest, the cleanest and the cheapest source of energy", a handbook for Climate Ambassadors (handbook for training about energy solutions to reduce human impact on the climate), and a brochure about the current state and development trends of renewable energy in the Russian regions.

The flow of visitors to the Festival did not stop; an information stand was visited by a few hundred people. The Friends of the Baltic expert told participants about the affordable and simple ways to save energy (heat and electricity) and water in the house.
Energycase fecks that it includes the solutions those are available for each of us both in price and in the methods of practical implementation. Most of its components were bought in an ordinary (albeit large) store of household goods, and anyone can purchase it!

People asked many questions, but most of participants were intrigued by water-saving shower head. Children, which ran to the energycase, started to touch it and to get out of the slots demos, realizing that this is possible and approved.

The Festival was a success, residents of St. Petersburg showed great interest in science and new technologies. Friends of the Baltic worked perfectly: all informational materials were distributed, useful contacts were committed, and, of course, we all received a lot of positive emotions, both by our expert, and Festival-goers.

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