The "Climate Ambassadors" Training in St. Petersburg Started all-Russia Climate Action Days

On 8th of April “Friends of the Baltic” held “Climate ambassadors” training which was dedicated to the start of all-Russia program – Climate action days. Teachers and volunteers interested in the climate issues received updated information about the impact of climate change on our city and residents. And most importantly received the solutions that could lower our impact on climate and environment. From April 22nd they will hold lessons and lectures in schools and universities according to the materials of the project and in the frameworks of Climate action Days.

Climate change is already happening – we see that the usual weather conditions changing, natural disasters are more frequent. In every country and every region there are worrying signs that climate change lead to big damages and losses. International UN experts prove that a large contribution to climate change comes from human activities. So now each of us should be a changemaker.

In order to spread the idea about how we can reduce our impact on the climate, “Friends of the Baltic" and Russian Socio-ecological Union has developed materials for those who would like to learn more about the problems and solutions, and conduct trainings, classes and actions.

Person of any age, for example, a senior pupil, student, or adult, who has learned a set of slides and a Handbook can become Climate Ambassador. Climate ambassadors are people who care what they will leave to the next generations. Materials (presentation and handbook) will help to hold introductory class for children or adults, and initiate discussion on the topic of energysaving and other solutions that can lesser climate change.

Climate ambassador's handbook

Presentation for Climate ambassadors

The material’s main goal is to draw attention to the possibility of personal contribution to the solution of global problems through simple actions in their daily lives.

Climate action days will start on 22nd of April in frameworks of SPARE project (School project on application resources and energy) and Climate Ambassadors program.

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