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Authors: Shauro T., Senova O
In late December Friends of the Baltic held a final round table discussion on the project "Step to Ecosupport." It was attended by both new and experienced Ecosupporters. At the meeting participants got acquainted with the distance course for Ecosupporters and discussed the prospects of work when the project ends. Also discussion was held on the integration of Ecosupport with SPARE project or other applicable environmental programs.

One of the most important results of the "Step to Ecosupport" project was the distance learning course creation for Ecosupporters. Friends of the Baltic told the participants of the round table how to use it and why it will be useful - especially for those who will join the Ecosupport network in the future.

Distance Learning Course is located at and consists of three blocks:
1. Ecosupporter work.
2. Reducing the environmental footprint.
3. The final block.

Total course consists of 11 lessons. Each session provides new information and offers small task - to express your opinion or attitude on any issue, disassemble example or answer the questions. Some exercises include "homework" that would be required to execute at the Ecosupporter work place. Also lessons include multimedia materials that will help to understand the subject. To go to the next lesson, you must complete the previous one.

After completing the course new Ecosupporters gets in to the register of project members. This register can be used for the individual report in their educational institution and also to find supporters and colleagues. Place for Ecosupporters communication become a new platform in the social network at:
Any interested person can enter the group. Often green solutions in the educational institution are not easy to implement, here advices from colleagues could be helpful, maybe they faced a similar problem.

"Step to Ecosupport" project came to an end, but the work of Ecosupporters continues. Roundtable participants discussed possible ways of cooperation after the end of the project. One option could be a projects synergy. Development of Ecosupporters activities in the SPARE, Eco-schools - Green Flag programs and the environmental certification of St. Petersburg schools project can give the “Step to Ecosupport” a second wind. But also the distance learning course gives an impetus to attract new Ecosupporters.

Detailed information about the project can be found here:

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