Youth Creativity For The Gulf Of Finland Year

14 of May, the Festival of school environmental installations devoted to The Gulf of Finland Year was held in “Vodocanal”. School projects on issue of Gulf of Finland problems and their solution were presented by the students of 7-10 grades. The representative of the environmental organization “Friends of the Baltic" took part in the jury and awarded the participants with special prizes for research approach to the practical solutions.

54 school teams took part in the festival, each work showed their attitude to the state of the environment of the Gulf of Finland, told about problems, such as eutrophication, garbage on the banks and chemical pollution of water. Mostly all participants have a full understanding of how to solve such problems, for example, use detergents without phosphates, take care of the coast, not to throw litter and to think about their own consumption. Teams have demonstrated knowledge about modern "green technologies", and the most simple way to solve problems – think about what you doing in your everyday life.

Friends of the Baltic awarded two teams with special prizes from the Coalition Clean Baltic for a deep approach to the problem of water pollution by nutrients from domestic and agricultural wastewater. I would like to mention the most striking slogan from schoolchildren "Take off the blindfold, save the bay now!".

Representatives of Vodokanal, representatives of the consulates of Finland and Estonia and organization "Friends of the Baltic" were in jury board. They noted the strongest works showing the problem of excessive consumption, the use of hazardous chemicals in St. Petersburg in winter on the roads, the lack of awareness about our connection with the Gulf of Finland and the state of water in it. For Friends of the Baltic the main criteria for evaluation of works were practical solutions on how to reduce our load on the Gulf of Finland.

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