Youth Declaration to the Gulf of Finland – the Start

On the Earth Day 22nd of April in the Ecology and Biology Centre “Krestovskiy Island” youth seminar to elaborate proposals to the International Youth Declaration to the Gulf of Finland Year. Russian national team was selected to participate in the trilateral youth camp, which will be held in Helsinki on the Harakka Island during 25-27 June 2014.

The seminar was organized by the Baltic Fund for Nature, Friends of the Baltic NGO and the Ecology and Biology centre “Krestovskiy Island”. It was attended by the high school students from St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. They were selected according to the online task results about Gulf of Finland environment.

During the event children received basic information and showed their knowledge on the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan main areas:

- Eutrophication

- Activities in the sea

- Biodiversity

- Harmful substances

- Natural landscapes

The youth proposals to improve the environmental situation in the Gulf of Finland became a workshop result:

"We are young people living on the Gulf of Finland shores. We are concerned about the Gulf of Finland condition now and in the future. We are concerned about pollution, biodiversity loss, invasive species occurrence, oil spills, illegal fishing, high content of biogenic elements in the water and consequently - eutrophication.

We want for all wastewater to be treated and we propose to limit the phosphates content in detergents. The government should improve legislation on the toxic substances management. Population should maintain the clean environment. System of recycling implemented at the state level is needed.

We offer to create new protected areas and natural recreational areas. We want the coastal areas planning where views of scientists, public and business is taken into account. We want Russia to join countries that comply with the requirement of double bottom on the oil tankers to prevent oil spills.

We want business to be environmentally responsible, introducing "green" technology to reduce load to the Gulf of Finland.

Everyone can contribute to the conservation of the Gulf of Finland by their actions and everyday habits!"

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