School ecosupporters: green wave in Saint-Petersburg

«Ecosupporters at educational institutions» and the pilot version of manual «Ecosupporters at school. Activity guide» were published over the year to help ecosupporters (

“A very large place in manual is given to the subject of the economical and efficient use of energy, rational waste management/resources management, environmental aspects of transport solutions in school, and other ways to reduce the impact on the environment” according to Olga Senova, the head of «Friends of the Baltic» NGO.

Sanna Kauppi the lead partner representative of project, the Centre for continuing education Palmenia University, Helsinki, told about the experience of Finnish ecosupporters. In Finland ecosupporters work in schools, kindergartens, nursing homes and other municipal institutions, motivating people to take action to reduce the load on the environment. 720 ecosupporters work in Helsinki. Their activities have helped to save up to 35% of the energy that corresponds to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 54 tons. In 2007-2010 paper consumption decreased by 26%. In Helsinki 81% advisors are confident that their colleagues start to sort waste better. In 2010, 9% of the population use less transport. It was saved 22 thousand liters of fuel and 52 tons of CO2

Ecosupporters presented the results of initial environmental examinations in educational institutions, shared the results of the first actions and plans. Saving energy is a field of activity where objectives are clear (saving money and comfort, contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the production of excessive energy as an added bonus).

Energy-saving lamps placed practically in all educational institutions. Many schools have set aerators, reducing water consumption. In most educational institutions ecosupporters succeed to gain support from the staff, management and pupils. So, at school № 77, the team actively supports the work of the school Eco Council and helps it to realize green solutions. On the initiative of Avdeeva Anna, ecosupporter, school will held Market of unnecessary things, all proceeds from the sale will go on development of Eco Council.

In many schools pupils actively participate in Eco Council. So, in Center of Youth creativity «At Voznesensky bridge» children together with teachers hung out stickers with reminders «don't forget to switch off water/light», calling the whole team to save resources. Waste from animals corner they use as fertilizer in the back yard.

Almost all of the educational institutions and teachers, and children with enthusiasm want to use bicycles as transportation. It is not safe in all the districts, but for many schools this is real. In educational institutions, where it is impossible to accommodate parking for bikes, ecosupporters obtained permission to leave them in the lobby, or under the stairs.

In school №599 of Primorsky district school students and teachers began to collect waste paper, and on earned money bought seedlings that will be planted in the schoolyard. This is one of many examples of how savings can be profitable for school.

But in order to save resources, it is not enough just to separately collect garbage, you must refrain from excessive use. For example, in a school №97 of the Vyborgskiy district, school children literally «forced» manager for household to count amount of paper teachers use, thereby reducing its use, and facilitating the use of «reverse sides», when possible.

Without exception, all educational institutions, where ecosupporters work, throw batteries and energy-saving lamps in ecobox or ecomobile. The knowledge that ecosupporters received during training, help them find relevant spheres of implementing green solutions in school and in everyday life.

Problems appeared during ecosupporters work are quite similar for many schools. For example, a purchasing system, school gives priority not to environmentally friendly but to cheaper products for household or other goods. It complicates the choice of detergents or products with minimal packaging, organic packaging and without phosphates. As a result, there is a need to study the system and understand how to work with it, taking into account the eco goods. According to ecosupporter from kindergarten №69, the right technical definition for purchase will help.

It is early to speak about quantative results. But even according to preliminary versions, the introduction of school «green» lifestyle, will not only save a lot of resources such as energy and water, but also will show by example how you can significantly reduce our negative impact on nature. After the seminar, all the teachers received certificates of the international sample.

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