Public prize "Trust" and the symbol of Coalition Clean Baltic given to journalist Vladimir Gryaznevich

In the beginning of 2014 correspondent of radio «Echo of Moscow» in St Petersburg and editor of Information Agency RBC Vladimir Gryaznevich received the public prize "Trust", and the symbol of Coalition Clean Baltic for fair and honest publications on vexed problems related to nature conservation.

The annual award "Trust", instituted by public environmental organizations of St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast, is awarded each year to a journalist whose publications on actual environmental issues are selfless, fair and honest. According to evaluation of publications 2013 the winner of award "Trust" became Vladimir Gryaznevich, journalist of“Echo of Moscow” radio in St Petersburg and editor of Information Agency RBC.

Vladimir Gryaznevich devotes many of his publications to “hot” environmental issues of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea region. In a series of articles about the LNPP journalist describes the problem of treatment of water coming from the power plant to the Gulf of Finland, pollution of the nearby coastal areas. Also he raises social aspects of construction of new units of Leningrad NPP-2 on the shores of the Baltic.

His articles reflects all parties point of view. For example, in article about Ladoga lake, he writes about why establishing newcoastal nature protected area on here lasts for so long. And it is not only local government brakes the decision, also local people fears that all local enterprises could be closed because of the nature protection status, and people can lose their jobs and money for living. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of a strategy plan of the territory development.

Representatives of "Friends of the Baltic" NGO together with Neva River Clearwater partner gave the journalist a symbol of the Coalition Clean Baltic - an umbrella with images of the inhabitants of the Baltic sea (the grey seal, salmon, etc) as a recognition of the fact that his articles helps to protect nature in the Baltic sea region.

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