Educational City Tour For Green Solutions In St.Petersburg

In the middle of October in the center of St. Petersburg residents had an opportunity to make journey to the unique ecological route, where they were acquainted with energy efficient solutions for apartments, houses and offices, with examples of green solutions for urban courtyards, ways of saving resources and reducing waste, with the rules of selection goods and services, for not to hurt yourself and nature.

This action prepared together by «Friends of the Baltic» and Municipality «Sennoy Okrug» devoted to the Year of environmental protection in Russia, European week of local democracy and «Energy efficiency - the largest power plant» campaign.

“Friends of the Baltic” in cooperation with Municipality “Sennoy Okrug” performes joint ecological programs for the residents for several years. Youth Ecopatrol examined schools and homes on power consumption, waste management, transport situation and offered their solutions to improve the environment in the city. This initiative was picked up by youth teams from other districts where with support of «Friends of the Baltic» they organized Ecopatrol in their areas.

This year, the new format of the action - Trip along the city courtyards - attract very different citizens - from young parents with children, activists of housing associations (housing cooperatives), to pensioners and veterans. Teams were created by the principle of neighborly, friendly or official relations. Participants traveled from one information ground («the station») to the other.

At the station «Ecopatrol» teams had an opportunity to make virtual monitoring of the environmental characteristics of their apartments. The results showed that some residents could compete with the Minister of the environment. But the majority had something to think about, as so the energy and resources spends in their houses without restrictions and control, and issues of environmental priorities in life don’t make any sense. That increases the damage to the nature.

At the station «Saving energy saves planet and comfort in your home» ways to save energy at home and apartment, while maintaining comfort were discussed. At this station «Friends of the Baltic» demonstrated methods of thermal insulation of buildings, regulation and efficiency of heating, electricity savings. Lighting bulbs are gone in the past, and even energy-saving light bulbs already lose out on many parameters, led lamps, and various regulators or sensors can turn on the lights only when you need it and automatically turn off when the need has disappeared. Interest in this subject among citizens is huge, due to the expectations of the social limits of power consumption.

Leaders of the station «Green consumption» offered to the teams to choose a bag with what they go to the stores, kind of packaging for goods, and told about how we can choose green detergents and why. Our choice will increase the growing mountains of municipal waste, add pollution in the Baltic sea and surrounding nature, or, on the contrary, will help reduce negative human impact on the environment. This station was in the yard, where residents made decorative figures of waste - stork's nest, palms and swans - demonstrating that waste is good resource to make something new.

The eco-biological center «Voznesensky bridge» in the frameworks of the action offered to participants «Green yard» master class on the cultivation of plants in the city. And one of the stations was held in the courtyard, where the residents themselves made decorations with plants and the Municipality «Sennoy Okrug» has supported their initiative - therefore, the station was named «Nature and comfortable environment in the city – we can do together!».

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