International Moving Environmental Conference

This traditional bike action was organized by NGOs Friends of the Baltic, Centre for Environmental Initiatives and TEIA. Young and adult environmental activists went by bikes along the Gulf coast, drainage areas of rivers. Along the entire route, the Conference participants visited nature and historical values and "hot spots" of the region, presented books and brochures on environmental education, information and other materials published by the action organizers to schools, libraries, local activists and other inhabitants.

The goals of the moving Conference were: to attract attention of residents to environmental problems, to develop the network of local environmental activists and ecogroups, and to promote bicycle as environmentally friendly transport.

In 2004 environmental activists completed the ring around the Gulf of Finland - the object of their attention and care. The 1130-km way of the bicyclists went along the South shore of the Gulf of Finland to Tallinn. There they took a ferry to Helsinki, and returned along the North shore of the Gulf to St.Petersburg.

On 15 July 2005, the International Moving Environmental Conference finished in Helsinki. The bicycle campaign was organised by environmental NGOs from Russia - Centre for Environmental Initiatives and Friends of the Baltic, Finland - Dodo-the Living Nature for the Future, and Estonia - Estonian Green Movement. The main goal of the campaign was promotion of sustainable transport solutions and public participation in municipal planning.

Environmental activists started on 25 June in Helsinki, went by bikes along the North coast of the Gulf of Finland to St.Petersburg, continued their way along the South coast further to Tallinn, and closed the ring around the Gulf in Helsinki. During 21 days the campaign participants made over 1130 km. This was the second time when environmental activists made such a circle around the Gulf of Finland. Last summer many of them made the way along the route St.Petersburg - Tallinn - Helsinki - St.Petersburg.

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