Festival of Youth's Environmental Projects and Initiatives for Sustainable Development in St.Petersburg

October 29: Festival of Youth’s Environmental Projects and Initiatives was held in St.Petersburg. It was organized by Friends of the Baltic under the auspices of the Comittee for Youth Policy and Interaction with NGOs and in cooperation with Sennoy Okrug municipality and «At Voznesensky bridge» Palace for children’s creativity.

The Festival was the final event of the Competition of youth’s environmental projects and initiatives to which scholl children and students submitted their creative works dedicated to environmental issues and solutions for it and to regional sustainable development. Among them were practical and research projects, models, posters, leaflets, drawings, essays and stories on such topics as: how to make one’s life style «greener», green consumption and ecological footprint, climate change and energy saving, environmental monitoring, biodiversity conservation, sustainable waste handling and environmentallly friendly traditions of nature use.
A large exhibition display presented several hundreds of works on nature-related topics by students, school children and even kindergarten kids.

Among the best works one could remark the following ones:

A group of the Palace’s students created a stand entitled «Following the trail of dairy packaging» where they analyzed which type og pachaging is of the least environmental impact. The conclusion they came to is that one may choose to buy dairy products in recyclable packaging thus reducing waste generation.

Students from school#234 presented their research on basic environmental parameters (of air, radiation, dust level etc.)in the vicinity of their school which creates a reference point for future monitoring.

Kids from school#238 told about an international Clean Yard, Clean City, Clean Europe project in which they have taken part during the whole year togehter with their peers from Finland. They found out that young people in both countries are equally worried by climate change, but the majority does not know what may be done about it although they have the willing to act. As part of the solution, the students would tell their peers about saving energy and the importance of personal responcibility for one’s behavior.

Studentts of lyceum #389 studied chemical compounds in the waters of Dudergofka river. The kids have noticed that even if the chemicals content is within the maximum allowable concentration, the water in the river deteriorates from its source to its estuary and the fact is due to untreated wastewater runoff from communal and industrial sources.

Viktoria Kameneva from lyceum #273 told about the changes in the operation of a quarry located near Sheleyki natural monument where she conducted research as part of a summer expedition. With the use of polls and field research the kids found out that the state of the environment in that place is getting better. They also suggested organizing special places for tourist recreation and arranging info-displays about the natural monument and how to behave there.

Julia Vetrova, a student from the Hydrometeorological university, presented her PR project dedicated to ecotourism development in Veppsky Forest protected area and created a whole program on how to attract investment for nature protection activities on that territory. It is planned to develop the territory as an ethnographic openair museum. This form has worked sucessfully in many foreign countries.

Kids from Fedorovskaya school have studied the impact of transport on the air and the soil in their village. Even though there are less cars there than in big cities, the contamination from cars is substantial. The author analyzed what kind of products her family buys and came to a conclusion, that among these only 30% are local. The remaining 70% come from other countries and regions, transportation of which to the village adds to air contamination and causes more greenhouse gases generation. The conslusion made by the author is to make her family buy more local products and by making this choice decrease transport’s environmental impact.

The Festival’s participants were interviewed by Radio Russia, LOT TV company and by Sennoy Okrug municipal newspaper.
The Festival became a real high-day. The participant received greetings from children’s art collectives of the «At Voznesensky Bridge» Palace, such as a choreography group, a circus and a theater performance.

The Festival was organized in cooperation with the Scientific Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science, The State Hydrometeorological University, The State University of Fine Mechanics and Optics, Local Agenda TEAM of St.Petersburg State University and Nature School «Island».

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