International environmental camp of the Baltic Sea Ambassadors

Baltic Sea Ambassadors from Estonia, Finland, and Russia started the international youth camp at the Orava Talu camping near the Sillamae town on the Gulf of Finland shore. Organizers are Finnish Nature League (Luonto-Liitto), Center for Applied Ecology and Friends of the Baltic.

The camp participants are 30 volunteers and NGO trainers, who already worked in BSA program in Finland and Russia, and some new partners, who are going to develop this educational program.или волонтеров в программе Baltic Sea Ambassador first in Finland, then in Russia, and now are going to develop this program in Estonia.

Friends of the Baltic are working on BSA since 2008 and already have an experience : Friends of the Baltci volunteers has provided a BSA lessons in more than 50 schools in St.Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. провели Балтийского моря.

BSA program not only explain what is the Baltic Sea environment and human impact to nature. It mainly gives advices and motivation how every person can reduce his/her personal negative impact to the Baltic Sea, how we can participate in the decision making for saving the Baltic Sea environment.

Friends of the Baltic use for the lessons the multimedia BSA materials produced on the basis of Luonto-Liitto experience, have published a booklet “Save the Baltic Sea Together” in Russian. Also FoB has published for teacher and NGO educators the collection of materials “Informal Environmental Education for Practical Solutions. Experience of Baltic and Nordic Countries and North-West Russia”, and has brought this publication to the camp.
The camp program includes sharing the BSA volunteer experience, discussion of development of education materials and forms of NGO work with schools. Leea Parhiala, the leader of international BSA project-2011, has made an introduction to the BSA project development on behalf of Luonto-Liitto. Representatives of NGOs Luonto-Liitto (Anna Laneva) and Friends of the Baltic (Olga Senova) shared of their experience how to work with schools. The longest experience of FoB work with school is a SPARE project (education on climate, energy and environment). It includes development of educational materials, competition of yoiuth projects on energy efficiency, promotion of practical actions on energy saving and application of renewables at home, at school, in the local communities to reduce human contribution to green house gas effect and climate change.

The big part of the camp program is exchange of experience of individual environmentally friendly solutions, trainings on green choice of food product grown with organic agriculture methods, cooking of organic products, producing organic medicine and cosmetics.

The camp itself is organized according to the environmental priorities: separate waste collection, composting of organic waste, minimizing of chemicals, especially detergents with phosphates. The camping/farm owner is Priit Orv is also very environmentally oriented person. Almost all thins at his camping is made from the natural materials, he uses traditional Estonian tradition for building construction and organizing landscape. Some years ago Friends of the Baltic youngsters within the summer camp helped to construct farm traditional fence from the natural stones.

Camp participants will plan BSA work for the next school year, work out the new lessons , Action Day for schoolchildren, take the training on how to make a good speech. There will be workshops on environmental arts, Performance Day, many other interesting and useful things.

This BSA camp is a wonderful new step for development of cooperation between countries on the Gulf of Finland basin, development of environmental education and environmentally friendly lifestyle of the the Baltic Sea shores residents.

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