More Baltic Sea Ambassadors in St.Petersburg.


On April 21 FoB held another training for future Baltic Sea Ambassadors. The volunteers will then go to local schools and give so-called Baltic Sea lessons where they talk about the Baltic Sea environment and what everybody can do to help protect the Baltic Sea.


In 2008 Luontto-Liitto, a Finnish environmental NGO, together with FoB developed a set of educational materials: slides and a guide book for teachers. Each slide deals with a certain aspect of the Baltic Sea environment and practical solutions for the region. Interactive games, discussion and a role play game play an important part of the lesson.

In 2008-2010 many teachers and students have had classes based on this material. For students this maybe be a valuable experience of public speaking and allows them to take part in other international projects led by Friends of the Baltic.

The schools in their turn have the opportunity to invite our volunteers to have a 1-2 hour class and to send their own students to our trainings who will come back to their schools and give the Baltic Sea class there.

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