Local Schools to Receive New Baltic Sea Embassadors

SDC10006.JPGOn November the 20th new students from St.Petersburg and Leningrad region were trained by Friends of the Baltic as Baltic Sea Embassadors. Those embassadors who are already experienced and expert teachers shared their experience in conducting Baltic Sea lessons. After the training the students are to give Baltic Sea lessons at schools and additional education centers.

The Baltic Sea Embassadors program was initiated by Finnish Luonto-Liitto (Nature League) and consists of an educational multimedia kit to help give a 2-hour long class. Its driving force are volunteers who, having passed the training and studied the material in depth, give classes to school kids. Those volunteers are called the Baltic Sea embassadors.


The Baltic Sea lesson is a vivid example of education for sustainable development, since it presents both the Baltic Sea issues and sustainable solutions that will ensure nature conservation and human habitats' protection while allowing for a sustainable economic development.The lessons focus on individual actions and what every one of us can do to decrease manmade environmental impact on the Baltic Sea.

SDC10016.JPGFriends of the Baltic have carried out this program in the Russia part of the Baltic region for around 2 years and so far have adapted the Russian version of the material. We are holding volunteer trainings and help organize volunteers' activities at schools. Russia's Baltic Sea Embassadors network unites tens of teachers and students from St.Petersburg, the southern and the northern coast of the Gulf of Finland (towns of Lomonosov, Petrodvorets, Sestroretsk, Zelenogorsk and Primorsk). Friends of the Baltic presented the program to their colleagues from the international Coalition Clean Baltic and NGOs and teachers of Kaliningrad and Karelia.

Russian teachers have contributed a lot to the program, such as practical activities, experiments that help students learn more about the natural waters, about the consequences of pollution and about how to protect natural resources.

One of the main outcomes of the Baltic Sea lessons is the idea of personal responcibility for our common Baltic region environment and specific ideas on what can be done to help the sea.

For more information please contact:

Ekaterina Uspenskaya
project coordinator

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