Friends of the Baltic at the eco game festival

On December 15 Friends of the Baltic were invited to take part in an event dedicated to celebrating the results of the year-long competition of school environmental projects which was held by Sennoy Okrug municipality. The event took place at "By Voznesensky bridge" house of children's creativity who are long-time friends and colleagues of Friends of the Baltic.

We took part in organizing an educational eco game where we modelled an oil spill with the kids. This kind of situations are unfortunately relatively common in the sea and with the help of the example that the game gives, kids learn how dangerous it is for the environment. Even with all available technologies it is virtually impossible to remove oil completely and its rests cause a lot of harm to all the sea's inhabitants. The kids tried very hard to help the sea and promised to save energy so that in the nearest future people could switch from this kind of fossil fuels to renewables.

In the end Friends of the Baltic thanked everyone for the good job, and the kids received memorable prizes from Sennoy Okrug.

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