New meeting of Baltic Sea Ambassadors

Experience sharingExperience sharingOctober, 8 Friends of the Baltic held a new meeting/training for volunteers as part of the Baltic Sea Ambassadors project. Already experienced volunteers met those who just want to try volunteering and going to schools in order to teach a Baltic Sea class, talk about the Baltic Sea environment and inspire everyone to contribute with their even small actions to the well-being of the Baltic environment. New volunteers and schools are always welcome to join the project.

Modeling an oil spill clean-upModeling an oil spill clean-upIn 2008 Luonto-Liitto, a Finnish NGO, together with Friends of the Baltic prepared a kit of educational materials for a class on the Baltic Sea, which consists of a set of 22 slides and a manual for those teaching the class. Each of the slides is dedicated to a certain aspect of the Baltic Sea ecology and to practical recommendations concerning the protection of the sea. Interactive parts, games, discussions and a role play game play an important part of the lesson, since the main idea of it is not to make a listener overwhelmed with an amount of scientific information, but to awake everybody's sense of a shared responcibility for the Baltic environment and make everyone feel the way they are personally related to the sea.

In the years 2008 to 2011 many school teachers and students have helt this class based on the provided materials. For students it becomes a valuable experience of pedagogical activity and public speaking and may become a part of their obligatory educational practice. Our volunteers gain the opportunity to further take part in different projects by Friends of the Baltic, such as educational trips, summer camps etc.

Schools, in their turn, get a chance to invite our volunteers for a 1 to 2 hours class and to send their own students to our training, so that they would come back to their schools and have a Baltic Sea lesson there for their co-students.

The Russian version of the material is available on our website.

For more information concerning the project please contact the project coordinator Ekaterina Uspenskaya, phone nr in St.Petersburg:(812) 312-79-44 or mobile: +7 921 744-42-55.

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