New publication by Friends of the Baltic: youth’s view on the state and future of the Gulf of Finland

February, 4: a compilation by young researchers entitled “The Gulf of Finland’s Southern Coast. Youth researches their habitat” was presented in Lomonosov.

The compilation came out as the result of a long-term cooperation between Friends of the Baltic and Lomonosov Municipality within the project called “The town of Lomonosov, the Gulf of Finland’s Southern Coast: our Habitat”.

For almost 14 years Friends of the Baltic, along with school kids and teachers who are members of the Riverwatch network, have been conducting research of the Gulf of Finland, smaller and larger rivers and lakes of the Baltic Sea basin in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. The Riverwatch program is run by Coalition Clean Baltic in the countries all around the Baltic Sea.

The book consists of works by young researchers who take part in the annual conference on Ecomonitoring of small rivers and the Gulf of Finland’s coast, held by Friends of the Baltic together with the Center for Children’s Creativity “Craftsmen’s City” from Lomonosov. They present the view of young people on our habitat and the future of the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Oftentimes this kind of publications do not claim to be highly professional and scientifically profound. But it is not rare that those are the school kids who draw adults’ attention to very important issues that require immediate solutions and answers.
Young authors cover such acute issues such as eutrophication, the lack of plants in the city, garbage, air quality deterioration, plants degradation due to increased human impact etc.

Not only do the authors define the issues, they express their wishes as for the improvement of the situation, by offering simple but effective solutions to authorities and common people.

For example, everyone can pay attention to the phosphate contents while buying washing powder, and make a choice towards a smaller amount. We can all avoid extra packaging, refuse to take plastic bags at stores and thus reduce the amount of garbage. Not to wash one’s cars at the water bodies and do not use those areas as toilets. Reduce the use of private cars in case one may use mass transit instead, or bike, or simply walk. All this will reduce our negative environmental impact.

The publishers in the preface to the compilation shared their bitter concern about the future of Lomonosov and the entire coast. We still have the chance to keep our coast beautiful and attractive for people, to preserve the habitats of birds, fishes and other animals. But year by year we, the coast’s inhabitants, are losing the precious pieces of this nature, losing our access to the sea. And this is an appeal to the authorities, to think about how to develop this coast further while keeping the balance between the economical development and nature conservation for life and resources of the future. In order for nowadays’ school kids, the authors of this book, to be able to come to the Gulf of Finland when they grow up and still see the clean sea, the beautiful shore and its living nature.

The book was awarded to all its authors and their supervisors, to representatives of all city schools, Lomonosov municipality, Lomonosov library etc. The e-version of the book may be found here.

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