SPARE competition in St.Petersburg: school kids propose solutions to save energy and the climate

The regional stage on the SPARE competition has been concluded in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. It took place within the SPARE project framework, coordinated by Friends of the Baltic. Among the winners are projects showing simple ways of energy saving in schools and households, that helps decrease greenhouse gases emissions.

The paper «On the natural greenhouse effect and its enhancement» tells about the way greenhouse effect works: that it keeps the warmth from the Sun to provide for the life on Earth and that it has recently been stregthening. The authors also list their observations that cover 5 years with regard to Russian weather wisdom. The paper also gives simple exaples of what everybody can do on daily basis to help nature by decreasing one’s consumption of its resourses.

The slide show on «Kitchen economy» tells about simple and useful ways of energy saving in the most energy-consuming place in our homes, which is kitchen.

A game-class with the topic of climate change includes diverse games that help check one’s knowledge, communication skills, the ability to speak out one’s mind and team work. What is interesting in it is the possibility of multiple teams participation, it lasts for a short time — about an hour — and covers a bulk of data.

You may contact the SPARE coordinator by writing to:

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