Round table on energy saving in housing sector

December,18: Friends of the Baltic organized and held a moving round table discussion and excursions, devoted to positive experiences and possibilities of saving energy in housing sector.Presentation of postersPresentation of posters
Among the participants were chairs and activists of householders-owners associations and other housing communities' organizations along with representatives of NGOs, working on energy and climate issues. They chared their best practices concerning implementation of energy saving and energy efficient measures in houses, that are available to and easy to use in every family and every house.
Nowadays the issue of energy and heat saving in households becomes more acute. Despite global warming winters in our area come on time. Heat losses at the stage of transportation of hot stream from heat-generating facilities to houses, as well as in houses proper, are huge. Meanwhile, prices on housing and communal services and energy supplies keep on increasing rapidly. Many housing communities feel the urgency of the hour, but have no direct access to information concerning possible solutions to these problems. Thus, there is high demand for educational activities on these issues conducted by Friends of the Baltic, and the round table became one more step further towards the spreading of the idea of energy saving in St.Petersburg.Excursion to the domestic heating plantExcursion to the domestic heating plant"
The first part of the round table took place courtesy of housing cooperative #122 in Moscow district of St.Petersburg. Olga Senova, Friends of the Baltic chair, presented set of posters with advise on how to save energy in housing sector and on public participation in energy resources economizing.
Alla Sokol, head of this cooperative, told about the domestic heating plant and other devices, that enable the house to pay for energy supplies based exactly on the amount of energy consumed. Besides, the overall energy consumption decreased after proper insulation of entrance doors, windows and the roof. But achieving the possibility to pay only for what you use was not an easy thing to do due to legal and organizational barriers. Although the activists managed it. Heat meterHeat meter
The second part took place in the town of Pushkin, where head of householders-owners assosiation arranged a guided tour of his building.
A few months ago in his house a modern domestic heating plant module was installed. This kind of modules are produced in Russia, they are easy to operate and the full installation process takes only a few hours.
It has proved itself profitable - the house has managed to cut its energy expences by half so far.
Throughout the discussions the participants have mentioned that our heting-related legislation is still a barrier for the implementation of energy saving measures and technologies. Energy suppliers are not interested in the idea of their buyers paying according to their factual consumption either. But there are positive examples, as illustated by the experience of housing associations. By using less energy resourses they also contribute to saving our climate, by burning less fuel and emitting less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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