Open Energy Efficiency Lessons at the International Energy Forum

Experts from the Energy Saving Centre in Saint Petersburg, from the project SPARE/Friends of the Baltic and from the Climate Secretariat of the Russian Social Ecological Union had put together media presentations and practical exercises for the visitors of International Energy Forum about energy efficiency at apartment buildings.

Schoolkids, teachers, and other visitors at the Energy Forum May 19–21, 2015, had the chance to enjoy media presentations and interactive learning exercises related to “Energy Efficiency in an apartment: methods and tips“. The event was organized as part of the Russian Social Ecological Union’s campaign “Energy Efficiency – the largest, cleanest and cheapest energy source in Russia”.

The participants of the open lessons on energy efficiency were introduced to the material made by Friends of the Baltic and the Energy Efficiency Centre about the basic energy resources that we use in our everyday life, and about the ways to use them more economically. From the mobile “Energy Suitcase”, the visitors were shown different energy saving devices for saving water, light and heat (LED lamps, faucet aerators, motion detectors, dimmers etc.). The demo kit was put together within the frameworks of SPARE’s international school project on rational use of resources and energy.

The visitors were presented the interactive “ABC of Energy Efficiency” that has been put together by the teachers from the Petergof Youth Centre, the winners of SPARE’s competition “Energy and the Living Environment”. The ABC is a computer application where after you click an alphabet, a name of some object or a resource opens up on the screen with a short text about how to save energy. For example, behind the letter “F”, you’ll find a fridge and a text that helps you to choose the most energy efficient one and to place the fridge so, that the loss of energy is as low as possible.

“I” stands for interior, and the text tells you how to make the interiors energy efficient (white walls, furniture not right in front of the heat radiators…). Behind the letter “C”, you’ll find a poem to remind you, that if the curtains cover the radiator, they absorb part of the heat, and we’re warming up the fabric instead of the air in the room. And opened curtains on a sunny day allow the sun to warm up the room.

Schoolkids took part in the Centre’s team contests of coming up with an energy efficiency plan for an actual family. The kids were given the information about the size of the family, how much the family uses water and electricity, and after that, they had to count how much energy resources could be saved by using simple methods: taking a shower instead of a bath, installing a small cistern, replacing incandescent lamps with LED lamps etc. Everybody was awe-struck by the results! With just simple means, you can save thousands of liters of water a month and hundreds of kilowatts of electricity without even having to live any less comfortably.

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