NGO annual Honorary Badge of Trust and CCB symbolic prize to St.Petersburg Journalist Boris Vyshnevskij

On January 25th the journalist Boris Vyshnevskij was awarded with annual NGO Honorary Badge of Trust by the representatives of environmental NGOs of St.Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. Friends of the Baltic on behalf of the international Coalition Clean Baltic awarded the journalist with a symbolic umbrella of the Coalition with the images of fauna of the Baltic Sea, as acknoledgement for his contribution into informing the citizens about the problems in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland.

The NGO Honorary Badge of Trust award was established in 2003 to reward the journalists, who selflessly and steadfastly defend the interests of the environment and the green community. 23 NGOs are co-founders of this prize and every year they collectively decide the next winner of the prize.

The NGOs - members of CCB - have rewarded the journalist with an extra prize - CCB symbolic umbrella with the images of the Baltic Sea inhabitants (seal, birds, fish).

Boris Vyshnevskij has published a lot of materials on the environmental situation in the Gulf of Finland in the Novaya Gazeta newspaper (New Newspaper) and Environment and Rights magazine; has made a “journalist investigation” on the environmental impact of the aggradation of Sea Facade and a new port in St. Petersburg. Now he became a deputy of the St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly and continues his straggle against too intensive technogenic load to the Gulf of Finland coast and the marine environment both through his publications, deputy requests and legal intitatives.

Since 2003 every year a variety of journalists were awarded with Honorary Badge of Trust:

2003 – Alexander Mikhailov, Radio “Open City”
2004 – Tatiana Valovich, Radio Freedom
2005 – Irina Ivanova, TV STO
2006 – Tatiana Khmelnik, Arguments and Facts newspaper
2007 – Natalia Kostitsyna, radio “Ekho of Moscow” in St.Petersburg
2008 – Diana Kachalova, newspaper network “My District”
2009 – Igor Abdrusenko, TV STO
2010 – Tatiana Voltskaya, radio Freedom

Text: Olga Senova, Friends of the Baltic

Photo: Saint-Petersburg Union of Journalists

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